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We are flawed machines.
Consuming by design.
Manufactured dreams.
Hollowed to a shell.
The lie that keeps you safe.
Is tied around your neck.
The strings don't pull themselves.
They're tied around my hands.

I scream and beg.
to a chorus of the blind and deaf.

My worst kept secret
My empire built on stolen notions.

I knew you once
The naive voice which begged no question.

My patience spent
My heart torn out and sold for profit.

Blindfolded, obscured.

Do I seem a man with choices?

Brick by brick comes your salvation

We turn too slowly.


from Project​:​Heavensent, released November 10, 2018




Project:Heavensent Melbourne, Australia

Project:Heavensent is comprised of one person named Adam. He writes heavy, yet atmospheric music while screaming loudly about a science fiction narrative which abstractly depicts his views and experiences.

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